General Information

  • Capital of Greece : Athens
  • Official language: Greek
  • The currency : Euro(€)
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Population: 11.306.183 (2010 estimate)
  • The country is a Presidential Parliamentary Democracy
  • Calling code: The international calling code of Greece is +30

Greece is the beating heart of European civilization, a country that welcomes you to a millennial history, stunning ancient monuments, beautiful scenery and bustling cosmopolitan cities. From classical Hellas, to Byzantium, through the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire and right into the modern world, Greece has always been a very hospitable place for its guests. This multifaceted country meets the needs of the most demanding traveler, offering a wide range of activities and attractions: its beautiful archipelago with the awarded beaches, its snow-covered mountains, great forests, rivers and lakes with protected wildlife species, spectacular castle-cities, UNESCO heritage sites, the famous Mediterranean cuisine and high quality, organic agricultural products. Cultural opportunities span from experiencing an ancient tragedy or a musical performance in a genuine old theater (like the Herodion or the Epidaurus), or a contemporary musical or theatrical event in a modern concert hall, to dancing to the rhythm of Greek folklore music in picturesque taverns or participating in musical happenings on the streets of the city center. Those in a party mood have the opportunity to enjoy summer nights in the numerous seaside clubs and bars. The open-air movie experience under the moonlight is a highlight for movie enthusiasts. Action lovers can choose between swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, wind or kite surfing, sailing, water skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, horseback riding, running the original Marathon, river rafting or simply enjoying nature through activities like bird watching or taking botanical tours. No matter what your interest is, Greece will make your wish come true.   

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