10 reasons why you should meet in Athens

1. Sunshine and more sunshine
More than 300 days of sunshine per year and refreshing breezes rolling off the Saronic Gulf.

2. Acropolis of Athens
Visible from almost every corner of the city, Acropolis stands defiant and dignified, dominating the Athenian skyline. The quintessence of the classic era and one of the most important monuments of the World Heritage List, the Parthenon dominates the Acropolis of Athens, attracting every year millions of visitors.

3. Ancient Athens integrated into the contemporary city
Walk along Monastiraki, Plaka, Theseion and Kerameikos districts and meet Ancient Athens in situ. As a result of the urban development project "Unification of Archaeological
sites", the majority of archaeological sites have been perfectly integrated into the contemporary city. Walk in Athens or sit for a coffee and at the same time enjoy major sites of antiquity such as the Ancient Agora.

4. Get to know more than 5.000 years of civilization
Museums in Athens boost important exhibits, taking you to a journey into more than 5.000 years of human civilization. Beginning with the Cycladic era, you can move on to the Minoan times, explore the Classic era, the Roman times, the Byzantine era, the era of Ottoman empire, then pass in the era of Enlightenment, to conclude in the 19th and 20th centuries.

5. Plaka and Sunday morning Flea market
Within the picturesque old town of Athens is Plaka (5 minutes walking distance from Zappeion Conference and Exhibition Center and the assigned Meeting’s Hotels), a neighbourhood full of small cafes, tavernas and souvenir stores. Every Sunday morning, a flea market takes place at Monastiraki and Avissinias Square, with antique furniture, porcelain and many other interesting things for sale.
Boosting a long tradition in the fields of handicrafts, jewelry making and shoe manufacture, Athens impresses with both the number and originality of its stores.

6. Athens Metro: A Museum on-the-move
Athens Metro is much more than just a means of transportation. It is a museum, in which in order to pass on from one area to the other, you are presented with exhibits of both the antique era and contemporary Greek art.

7. Delicious Mediterranean cuisine by the sea - A fivestar dining scene
It takes less than half an hour to get from the city center to Microlimano, Glyfada and Vouliagmeni (the athenian riviera) and enjoy a meal by the sea. Make sure you try the variety of fresh sea food as well as other recipes of Greek cuisine, which are famous worldwide for their fresh ingredients and rich nutritional value, in the numerous Athens Restaurants. That makes Athens a top restaurant destination for food-lovers.

8. Are you ready for a serious shopping spree?
Boosting a long tradition in the fields of handicrafts, jewelry making and shoe manufacture, Athens impresses with both the number and originality of its stores. Athens is a shopper’s paradise, with upscale malls, specialty boutiques, galleries, outlet centers and antique shops throughout the city.

9. Athen’s dazzling nightlife
Athens Nightlife lasts until the early morning hours. With such a large number and variety of bars and clubs there are many things to do in Athens. You always want to visit two or three places before going to bed. Psirri district boosts a number of the city's hottest clubs and bars, playing all types of music from rock to Latin and pop. . If you are looking for something chic, head for Kolonaki district or for the southern suburbs, you will find noisy or quiet places to dance and have a drink by the sea. Options are endless.
Dance the night away or sip a cocktail in Glyfada’s or Vouliagmeni’s happening clubs (10 kms from the assigned Hotels of the meeting)

10. Vibrant cultural life
Last but certainly not least, arts flourish in today Athens. Throughout the year, internationally acclaimed artists perform in the Greek capital and distinguished visual arts events, take place in a big number of galleries and museums.


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