The City of Athens

ATHENS - is the birthplace of Democracy,  where the very first steps were taken towards improving life standards and promoting human rights.

ATHENS – has been traditionally a major congress host city dating back to the 5th Century BC, when the Athenians used to gather in the Ancient Agora and debate on democracy, strategic goals, commerce, philosophy and sciences. Since then, Athens has established itself as a prime international conference location, offering modern congress facilities.

ATHENS - is a metropolis with modern facilities, combined with ancient monuments, Byzantine churches, neo-classical buildings, museums, ancient theatres and modern opera houses. As a busy political and business capital, it offers many modern accommodation facilities. The fusion of the old and the new creates an atmosphere of antithesis which captivates the visitor.

ATHENS - is a city with broad avenues, narrow back-streets and picturesque squares. Rates of criminality are low in Greece. Delegates will feel at ease and safe when discovering the many facets of the city. Athenians enjoy life in every sense of the word and are always in a good mood. Athens is a vivid city that never seems to rest. The visitor can enjoy its open-air restaurants and cafes on the foothills of the Acropolis, its old houses in Plaka, the tavernas with music and shops offering from antiquities to souvenirs.

ATHENS - centrally located in Greece, provides easy access to the famous islands scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean and the Ionian Seas. The islands’ enchanting nature, which is formed by a fusion of stone, sunlight and turquoise sea waters, along with the Cycladic architecture white houses, provide an excellent life time opportunity for a fascinating short vacation. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy pre and post congress excursions to the unique Greek islands and to the mainland of Greece.

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