Suzanne Harrigan




Suzanne Harrigan is a specialist speech and language therapist, who has been working in the field of childhood deafness for 20 years, firstly on the Nottingham Paediatric Cochlear Implant Programme and  then at The Ear Foundation, where she takes the lead in providing pre- school services to  young deaf children and their families.
Suzanne is particularly interested in supporting family communication using hearing technology. She has worked with families of children with a variety of complex needs, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and learning disability. She is particularly interested in using qualitative research methods to understand the views of parents in order to shape clinical practise.



Family First; placing parents at the centre of early intervention services for deaf children. 
Lyndsey Allen,  Suzanne Harrigan

This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of working together with parents to maximise on children’s early access to amplification and brain development. We will look at the current research around the outcomes of successful early intervention programmes and explore some of the barriers to success that may influence these outcomes. Homes are rich in naturally occurring experiences that stimulate adult child conversations without the need for shop brought toys. Including filmed examples, build your confidence to support spoken language development using daily routines, photographs and books, and playtime without ‘toys’. 

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