Annet de Klerk
 Kentalis Talent



Annet de Klerk works as a principal at Kentalis Talent, a school for the deaf. She is also a policy advisor for the department of education at Kentalis. She is involved in several educational projects concerning quality of education, achievements and curriculum development. Annet is a member of the Dutch national curriculum development group Sprong Vooruit (Leap Forward).  



Bridging the gap: how to apply research findings in teaching diverse learners in bilingual deaf education

Annet de Klerk, Loes Wauters, Daan Hermans, Margot Willemsen

This workshop will focus on knowledge from applied research that can support teaching in bilingual deaf education. It will provide insight in diverse aspects of educating deaf students such as quality of instruction and didactic strategies in teaching reading and vocabulary.
The implementation of this knowledge in daily practice asks a lot of teachers. Therefore we will also discuss ways to implement knowledge from research into practice for example by co-teaching, peer coaching and video coaching.
Another important factor in our teaching is the impact of the perceptions we have of our students. These perceptions can also influence our teaching behavior. Research on these teachers’ perceptions can give us insight on how they influence classroom dynamics. 
In this workshop there will be ample opportunity to discuss these issues. We will also talk with the participants about questions they have about teaching deaf students. What research questions are still unanswered and would they like to be answered. What possibilities do the participants have to be involved in applied research?

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