Lyndsey Allen
 Listening and Spoken Language Specialist,
 Cert. AVT




Lyndsey Allen, a Certified Auditory Verbal Therapists practicing in the UK. Based in Nottingham, she now Co-ordinates the professional education programme for a renowned charity The Ear Foundation and presents internationally on a range of topics.  Founder of the Auditory Verbal Lounge, an independent practice offering AVT and Auditory Enrichment Therapy she has a particular interest in the use of daily routines to develop spoken language through listening, a topic on which she contributed to 101 FAQ’s in AVT edited by Warren Estabrooks.

She is a mentor for developing LSLS professionals in Europe and is currently researching theory of mind and pragmatic language development for children who are DHH, in collaboration with Tiffany Hutchins, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Vermont



Family First; placing parents at the centre of early intervention services for deaf children. 
Lyndsey Allen,  Suzanne Harrigan

This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of working together with parents to maximise on children’s early access to amplification and brain development. We will look at the current research around the outcomes of successful early intervention programmes and explore some of the barriers to success that may influence these outcomes. Homes are rich in naturally occurring experiences that stimulate adult child conversations without the need for shop brought toys. Including filmed examples, build your confidence to support spoken language development using daily routines, photographs and books, and playtime without ‘toys’. 


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